Dear customer, In our Online Shop you can order as a private person or as a commercial customer the full range of genuine BMW car spare parts and accessories. How does the shop work ?

  • Look for the right part number by VIN or Model in our free Spare Parts Catalogue
  • Or you enter the part number directly into the search box here on the left for pricing information and availability.
  • Put the item into the shopping cart, choose a payment method and we will send the items immediately to your address.

We really try to get every part you order. Even if the part is officially no more availiable, we ask all our German colleagues about their stock. In such cases, longer delivery times and additional costs may occur. Only when we realize that we can no longer offer the part, we mark it in the shop as " no more availiable ".
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Our recommandations

80 91 2 447 964 Genuine Part
Shipping time: ca. 3-4 days
£ 756.00
20 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
80 24 2 460 897 Genuine Part
Shipping time: ca. 3-4 days
£ 15.12
20 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
80 22 2 450 910 Genuine Part
Shipping time: ca. 3-4 days
£ 1,013.04
20 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
80 22 2 454 764 Genuine Part
Shipping time: ca. 3-4 days
£ 296.10
20 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
80 22 2 454 880 Genuine Part
Shipping time: ca. 3-4 days
£ 749.70
20 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
80 93 2 413 787 Genuine Part
Shipping time: ca. 3-4 days
£ 88.20
20 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
80 29 2 454 753 Genuine Part
Shipping time: ca. 3-4 days
£ 50.40
20 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs


Genuine Mini Spare Parts can now be easily ordered through our innovative Online Parts Shop. In line with this is the accessibility of any kind of accessories available in the Mini Spare Parts Catalog, respectively. For that reason, meeting your specific needs is highly expected. You, as our customer are given a wide range of available Mini Spare Parts, from tires, oils, chemical products for the care or to car batteries. And of course, to purchase these products in perfect mint quality is our guarantee.

The standard stocks include products such as clutches, transmissions or distributor, and also with their appropriate warranty. To quickly determine your desired Mini-Genuine Part, simply should you indicate the year of your Mini model then click through the shop until the accurate result is shown. The products are carefully sorted, so there should be no difficulties to find any part quickly.


The definition of target groups is worked-on slightly specific, for every need range can be as true as that to anybody. It doesn´t matter whether it is a professional workshop or one is a private mechanic. The online shop for Mini Spare Parts is so convenient for it is also open to general customers, who during the day find little time for shopping at the Mini dealership branches, by which the downfall is their opening times cannot be perceived. It is similarly happening to those customers who, in the end, decide to bypass the plan of buying due to a potentially long journey so to reach the nearest branch. For that reason, instead of experiencing these kinds of luck, he begins to search for his needed and desired Spare Parts online. He must be thinking that this is much more accessible regardless of the place and time.

The Mini-Genuine Spare Parts Shop offers any interested party the incomparable opportunity to conveniently search for Mini genuine spare parts from the manufacturer itself. Due to the clearly structured range, it is achievable to immediately land to the desired search category of what is being looked up. In that regard, one can save his time, refraining from such need to manually search through complex and confusing crafted parts catalogs. It is even more irritating when the Mini spare part numbers are ones that can only be read by professional mechanics. Yes, one may easily refuse to use the online shop and instead rely on visual impressions. But the biggest advantage is that no one has to leave his home and take long journeys to acquire his desired spare part.

The use of the appropriate field is for one´s particularly simple way of searching. This only works if he knows, in advance, to which specific spare part category he´s looking for, accordingly. This requires the 7-digit VIN, as is the 11-digit Mini Part Number. In most cases, the required product will be found after just a few clicks. Search by part number ensures that one is guaranteed of finding a suitable replacement, for the database only includes genuine parts that are assigned to their respective numbers. Is it, therefore, the correct part number and combines them with the corresponding VIN number, you will most likely encounter on the desired spare part.


Those who want to visit the online shop must not necessarily be just looking for technical products because even normal accessories can also be found in the assortment. For example:

-        Exterior mirror caps

-        Switching buttons

-        Mats

-        Pedals

-        Tailpipes

-        And the like

In most cases, it does not even require special expertise to install these accessories. Consequently, the time requirement is minimized. One orders the Mini Cooper spare parts online and waits until the delivery becomes successful. This is ultimately mounted with just a few simple steps which are highly accessible and easy.

Another way to look for spare parts is to depend on the Model Number. Yet it is difficult, as rarely claimed, for these numbers to be distinguished apart from the other. As an example, if one looks at the categorization of such: R55-R59, R61 or R55-R56, so is for the model numbers. Behind these numbers are multiple and diverse products hidden. So are the numbers R50, R53 and R56; for example, the original Cooper warning triangle, which is stably carried out due to being easy to handle. The Part Number indicated is only for the suitability of the present product. Thus, the possible result is inaccurate, by which the respective spare part is not fitting to one´s car. Under the number R59, as an example, is leading him to the Genuine Luggage Compartment Mat, which is an ideal protection against moisture and dirt. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-slip surface, whereby, at the same time fills the contours of the trunk accurately. Depending on the version, which is tricky, there is this form of the mat which is made of durable plastic or other materials. However, in most cases, it is oil- and solvent-resistant.


It took quite a while for the Aftermarket could develop online. In a very long time, the manufacturers had them oriented having haltingly and sparsely delivered the used car to the owner. The priority was mainly on new cars for sale. However, with the change of the market, that had to set the focus differently and now, to know that large heels can also be achieved with spare parts. Now, almost every tradition-conscious Brand owns a shop, where customers can easily get the supply of spare parts from

In addition, manufacturers have relocated their spare parts offer on the Internet, to which now almost every customer has access to. It is more convenient to look up the spare parts then choose for the accurate one- right from home, in peace. In addition, the customer benefits from the genuine quality of the components available, which are even sold with a Warranty. Apart from this, there are genuine spare parts, which, although ever been to use, but afterward for the resale could be recycled. In order to guarantee the necessary security, they go through, of course, a functional test.


Anyone who wants to find their way more quickly uses the detailed images provided in our online shop. With the matching descriptions can be very effective in finding out whether the certain product is suitable or not. Ideally, the system displays whether the spare part can be ordered immediately or there is a need for a Wait time. Everyone is free to do what he wants; let´s say one may put multiple items into his shopping cart or goes with only one product to check out. There is no limit to telling as to how many products may end up in the basket there. This step can easily be initiated by finalizing the items in the basket. The article contained therein can connect ordered binding stating personal data. The Parts Shop also provides him the advantage of choosing the method of payment he desires to utilize.

We hope you enjoy browsing the Parts Catalogue for Genuine Spare Parts.

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