Information for workshops / Clubs / traders

Discount for workshops :

Please register in the shop as a customer and then send your business registration and your registration email address via our contact form.

Discount for registered clubs : 

Please register as a customer in the shop and send a copy of your membership card (for club members) or your club registration and an information which members are willing to accept (for clubmasters)  via our contact form .

After your account is changed

(We will inform you), you can see the discounted prices in the shop ( when logged in ) you can shop with your login in all our shops on ONLINE-PARTS.CO.UK with  discounts.  

For professional within the  European Economic Area with an EU-taxnumber

If you have a valid EU VAT number and require a VAT-free invoice, please open an account stating the VAT number and the postal address belonging to this number and send mail through our  contact form with the request to switch to a VAT-free invoice.

No sales to resellers !