Krafthand Werbas- Introduction 10/2011

Hoevel and His Partners Operate the Shop

Hoevel and its partners operate the shop.

Hoevel betreibt mit seine Partnern den Shop
The company Hoevel operates with partners the original parts webshop, through which original spare parts from various manufacturers are available. At the moment, new Werbas interfaces are being used to transfer original parts for the following brands: Audi, BMW, Passenger Cars, BMW Two-wheelers, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Peugeot, Skoda and Volswagen. The Toyota brand is in preparation.
The Werbas interface to the Hoevel web shops is free of charge and will be released on request. Service support at the facility is billed according to expenditure.
The Hoevel-Web-Shop's main target group are mainly free and multi-branded workshops. In the 11 shops currently 3.5 million original parts of eleven manufacturers are offered. The data are continually updated. In the case of queries, a hotline number provided by the manufacturer is available for the respective manufacturer. Hoevel is supplied by the manufacturers at least twice a day.
What is ordered and paid for in the morning is usually in the afternoon in the shipment and is the next morning at the customer. Monthly 1,500 parcels are dispatched in the European Economic Area approved by the BER. With payment methods such as PayPal and the money transfer takes only minutes so that the order can be executed immediately. A transfer is also possible. For further information, please visit
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