Dear customers! Unfortunately you cannot order spare parts from this shop at the moment. We are looking for a new internet and future-oriented Skoda partner for our UK platform. Please help. In case of success we  offering you an Skoda spare parts voucher for 300 £. Please contact [email protected]. Thank you your Online-Parts-Team


Dear customer, in our shop you can as a private or commercial customer order the complete range of Skoda original spare parts and accessories online. How does the shop work ? 

Enter the number of the spare part in the quick search field at the top left, also for price information.
Or write to our parts specialists using the contact form ( please enter the 17-digit VIN ).
Add to shopping cart, register, pay, part arrives, done !

We really try to get every part you order. Even if the part is officially no more availiable, we ask all our German colleagues about their stock. In such cases, longer delivery times and additional costs may occur. Only when we realize that we can no longer offer the part, we mark it in the shop as " no more availiable ".
Any questions? Your Skoda Parts Team

Welcome to Skoda Original Spare Parts Shop of

In our website, you will get the main Skoda spare parts and all accessories, and these matters to a powerful automobile. Skoda is one of the oldest and most coveted automobile manufacturers that are on the market. You can have the updated and best spare parts from our online shop to ensure you a safe driving and pleasure.  Here, you can find a wide range of Skoda original parts, standard parts, and spare parts. Use the search box, get your automobile accessories and order- simply enter the correct part number which defines success to your search.

Select your desired original part in the list of replacement parts. You can apply and use the original accessories for all models of Skoda. Some examples of the current models are Citigo, Fabia, Velicia Ovtavia, Superb, Roomster and Yeti. In the Czech Skoda car manufacturer, is also an engine manufacturer who is part of the Volkswagen AG since 1991.

The Skoda Parts Catalog for original spare parts and replacement parts

There comes a time when various repairs at Skoda must be handled. With us, you have the free choice between numerous cheap Skoda original parts. Make sure here that the proven quality and equip your vehicle properly on. For an overview of all Skoda original parts, you can consult our parts catalog. This includes a detailed list of available products for a clear display.

Based on the Skoda parts catalog can be accessed on the item number and purchase the right part. The original parts catalog you eject the car parts matching the search Skoda model. The parts catalog includes all popular Skoda models and is ideal for users who have some technical expertise.

The Skoda spare parts have been specially designed for the established brand and ensure high accuracy, reliability and attractive design. Our offer is based on strict controls regarding quality and material, so that you can benefit from the purchase of our product range in every respect. The Skoda body parts match the original and represent components with which a damaged or defective component can be replaced properly. The need for such auto parts located next to natural wear, among other things in improper use, and in doing resultant congestion. Replace on our website from the unusable parts with original spare parts.

Your car deserves the best of the best. Here you will find offers all the necessary items, such as the starter battery. It really makes a difference to the performance that meets today's requirements in terms of comfort. For good air in the car of the filter provides. The efficient Skoda spare parts ensure filters any stress factors such as pollen, dust and odors from. Furthermore, our Skoda provides wiper blades for clear visibility thanks to efficient protective coating.

Skoda accessories: attention to all details

The Skoda brand pampers its customers with designed products such as pedal guards in stainless steel; with their installation your vehicle gets a surefooted yet noble look. Considering the safety factor, the product is provided with a special anti-slip coating, which gives the foot a well sporty and high-quality touch.

In our Skoda accessory shop you will find something nice, we offer the highest quality for demanding customers. For those who prefer for a new rim is that it is due to an accident or to a desire for change to investigate the vehicle, you have the option of our assortment to select the appropriate Skoda original part and attach with a few clicks at home or at the customer.

Remember, however, no one is safe from accidents. An inattentive moment and then it happened. How fast you drove too close to the sidewalk or have taken on the insufficiently secured road an obstacle that it now comes to the mounting of the spare tire. Anyone around also obtained at this point no cell phone reception as it basically always the case, when it counts, so you're on your own. Worth gold there is in this case, if an installation kit for the spare wheel in the trunk is. The emergency set contains among others the indispensable vehicle jack and the necessary keys for those wheel bolts that have to be addressed now.

Who transported loose items in his vehicle; this should secure enough and seek for example, a trunk network. This is not to be underestimated us very popular Skoda Genuine Accessories provides secure services and safeguard luggage from flying around in the trunk. In addition, you can buy a luggage fixing that keeps on refined and easily the Ballast at the point that you have planned. The cushion made of plastic can be individually wrap around the crate, Planters or other transport subject and fixes the content through a reliable Velcro layer on the trunk carpet. Choose from our huge range practical accessory that combines design with functionality. As it would be with a new exhaust Stainless steel cladding for a shiny finish or send Door Trims, acting repellent regarding an unwanted contamination on the doors and the door edges.

When boarding impress sill plates and gives passengers already when getting a good feeling. Attentive Skoda drivers have an eye on the fine accessories. With love to detail the Skoda ornamental valve cap presents and harmonizes especially with the handsome wheels, which are widely available with us. Who does not know these unsightly paint scratches in the door handles, for which there is the door grip protective transparent and weather-resistant alternative. The unassuming film preserves the delicate area against too poignant entry and makes itself extremely useful with the protective film. Floor mats contribute ride comfort to a considerable extent and to decide whether to feel the passengers well. For every purpose we offer matching and matching floor mats, there are versions in a sheer fabric or for practical driveways preferably made of rubber or plastic.


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